Tuesday, October 23, 2012


I am astonished looking at the power of internet, that creates traffic to my blog while i am being inactive. Nowadays, people will spend minimum of 1 hour just by looking at the email inbox. With the ease of Google, that helps us to know wonders with so much information to be searched upon.

Business has also make it common to use social media for example such as Facebook, to advertise and generate "Like" to their business page. What interesting is in this generation, "word of mouth" in the past has been revamp to "Share" link that can be so powerful to spread the message in such a short time. It do happens to political party such as our Prime Minister, MCA and etc to promote themselves and share views.

The question of freedom of expressing ideas is so easy through FB post or in here, Blog. However, i always caution on the sensitivity of certain issues. I even read an article on "sex couple" video posted in their blog that creates such publicity to them through radio interviewing, the Star articles, Youtube and others.

It becomes even more convenient with the availability of 3G, that enables one to search anywhere anytime through the use of mobile phone internet. People has been taking pictures of their food, places and immediately post it in FB. And FB has been so understanding that creates "newsfeed" that acts similar to newspapers, but the "news of their friends". Pretty smart idea.

However, Google still play the major role in the world of internet. This search engine creates so many relevant links that useful  to us. And the first 2 pages will get my attention. That where i create the interest in internet, with me being an Accountant learning Internet Marketing.

Check out my first website with my domain name :) www.ryansum.com

Saturday, December 24, 2011


I find this word pretty interesting and it can change someone 360 degree . There are a few channels to develop this "believe" that acts as catalyst or to motivate someone towards DOING SOMETHING that they believe in . From the "Personal development course" , religion , and some sales group , they all hold the same principle which is "believe" .

It is rather good to have something to be believed on . For example for Christian , their strong belief that Jesus exists - and miracle will happen is catalyst for them to act towards achieving it . When they PRAY, they reinforce the belief which GENERATE ENERGY for them to work on it . When they achieve it , they will link it to the god - MIRACLE which creates a cycle of POSITIVE THINKING.

This is what i analyse after attending a "service"- christian gathering.

I realise in order to reinforce belief - SINGING does really help . it pours out the feeling when you sing something with conscious mind which further unleash the meaning behind every words sing. This is what happen in church as well as in motivator course.

Having a channel - church to keep the positive energy HIGH is important . Since im currently buddhist, there is not much channel to gather all the peoples with positve energy. I find that consistently RECHARGE oneself once a week is important to keep MOTIVATED.

I may be able to SELF-MOTIVATE myself with my understanding and own belief , but i find a proper channel is important. I may join the church gathering - to make friends and RECHARGE ~

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Negotiation Skills

We are all in the learning curve of these type of soft skills , which cant be learnt from book , but through actual experience of really saying it out . while watching a tv series , one of the entrepreneur actually say , dont assume from what you "see" or "hear" , but use the "heart" n "mind" to think of it ...

I get to witness a negotiation of price set of the house between my dad and the seller . Previously , i have witnessed the negotiation done by my bro last week ago . By doing some analysis , there is some plus point and "must not " do things .

I am blogging this down , so as i will not forget what my dad actually did . I even observe the smile he put on the face at the right time . With some casual chat at beginning , then saying "without wasting your time , let's get to the topic" , shows his professionalism and prevent the bonding goes to long and out of topic .

Then the face straight away change to stern and confidence look . i can see the "authority" in my dad's voice that make the seller respect . my dad has done sufficient homework , and catch on the hot button of the seller wanting to get rid of the house quick .

With voicing some disadvantages of the voice , and plus point of another location , it actually pulls down the price . But by saying " without wanting to move here and there" to show the intention to stay in current house . Indirectly my dad voice out the price , through using comparison with other house which is fully-furnished rather than disagree with previous set price .

The best part is my dad lock in the time for the seller to confirm the price in the next day . with this he actually has no way to find other buyer . Awesome technique . Even the pause at the right time , to let the seller think .

I am still newbie to this and still have lot to learn ..

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Stages in Life

Another month has passed since my last post . Everyday is a learning experience .

I have seen myself being less attached to the past . Even when memory flows , it is not remorse feeling . Of whatever things i cant do in the past , there will sure be chance for me to do in the future . With the power of "Believe", it is just matter of time .

Transition period between break-up to having new relationship , maybe difficult in the beginning . but believe me , human will eventually adapt to change in life .

Read another POWERFUL BOOK - SECRET . heard of it previously , till i read it , i can feel the secret behind thinking . What you think is what you get . it can helps in handling conflict , angerness , showing love to others , selflessness . when i see people talk negatively , i will think of the message from this book . Think negatively will just enhance the possibility of getting it . Reflect my past mistake i have done , most importantly to do better next time .

Flood myself with positive messages in front of my study table does help . one of it , become millionaire by 35 years old :p

Saturday, April 30, 2011

These few days memories come back . been some time . there is no way to delete . i found this interesting phrase , "The past is good place to visit to remind you not to make same mistake but definitely not good place to stay" .

I have been trying to change towards "caring others more than me" . do i have achieve that stage ?

She has been with her ex just right after we breakup . she has definitely made up her mind who is the one . she mention she will be more comfortable with him . our characterictics are quite similar . but she and her ex - opposite . maybe opposite will attract .

but the truth out of all these , is her heart not belong to mine . while friends say that time will make it lapse . i can feel the different than the first day of it . but sometimes , will wonder what she is doing . it is better not to contact her , as it makes me wander where they go , what they do . it is better not to see her , as it makes me think of the beautiful face .

maybe one day , i may speak to her as a normal friend without having past stuffs bordering me . I dont want to dwell on the past , leave in dreamland , but before i find a new partner , i have to be sure never compare with my ex , as it is unfair to her . it may takes time before i find one . in the meantime , be a full-time student - full time study :)

Friday, April 15, 2011


haiz , hate food poisoning .it makes me so weak after vomit and diarrhoe . Must not drink water , or else will vomit more water out .. after eat some traditional medicine . vomit for the worst time , and time off to bed .

energyless when wake up . cancel all appointments for the day .

while being sick , i think of her . she sicks quite often . i remember one time after my class , i cant wait to find her , check out whether she is ok , and updates her with the study .

but sometimes , one mistake can kill all the good deeds . never repeat my mistake .

Girl remember whatever minute details ..

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Take A Moment

Read Dale Carneige's book recently .

get caught with this interesting word , "reflection" which i may have taken for granted . take a few moment before you sleep , reflect what you have learnt from college, what mistakes you made , what improvement that you wish to make ..

today i make another mistake . I have know something that if said will cause conflict , but i still say it . don't know what word to describe me . something that does not please me , i will just bang them sometimes . but of course in politely manner . have to know that some people may not be please with it as well .